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My mountain adventures

Marko Dukši Welcome to MDClimb Mountain Adventures, a collection of photo galleries and written reports of most of my climbing and mountaineering trips since year 2005. It's about my high times in the mountains, a whole different world of existence for me, as for all others dedicated to a life of adventure anywhere. Here you will also find a written word or two on various subjects related to climbing technique, training, equipment, community...

So then, is it a blog? You could call it that, although it did exist well before modern blogs flooded the Internet. Its previous incarnation, "Objektiv u navezu" was a handy resource for planning most popular climbs in Croatia or nearby and I hope this one will serve at least as well. Unfortunately, since much of the content was already written in Croatian language, this part of the site is still available only in Croatian.

Your mountain adventures

NP Paklenica Your window of oportunity. The English part of this site is aimed at our foreign guests in Paklenica. We rent rooms and apartments in Starigrad-Paklenica and our guests come for holidays from different parts of Europe. Most only look for long beach days catching sun and drinking cocktails, so if that's your game, you too are very welcome.

That said, Paklenica offers you much more than that and if you are willing to raise the stakes, you're in for the time of your life! You can have a rough bike ride in thin mountain air, go scrambling through wild prehistoric canyons guarded by birds of prey, rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping... On top of it all, here you can enjoy ROCK CLIMIBING on some of THE BEST limestone cliffs in Europe.

Whether you just need peace and quiet or if you want exactly the opposite, you have found the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy quality time. It is Paklenica National Park (NP Paklenica) and the town of Starigrad-Paklenica. In Paklenica you really CAN have it all.

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Rock Climbing in Paklenica

Apartments in Paklenica

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